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The Bill of Rights also applies to psychic vampires, who must refrain from “feeding” unethically—that is, taking energy from donors without their knowledge and consent. They socialize as well, especially with others of their own kind.

Older, more experienced vampires (known as “elders”) will often form “houses” or “covens” to counsel younger, less experienced vampires on how to live with their condition.

For psychic vampires, this guidance may also include instruction on the various methods of feeding—“contact feeding” through physically touching the donor; “ambient feeding” by taking excess energy that is naturally generated in high-traffic public places; or even “tantric feeding” through sexual encounters.

Then, all at once, a confluence of cultural trends facilitated the rapid growth of the real-vampire community. Rice had begun writing her gothic fiction in the 1970s, but the 1994 film adaptation of her book gatherings had done to a lesser degree a few decades earlier.

Just as same-sex desire is distinct from the socio-cultural practices of the gay community, so being vampire is first a bodily need, then a set of personal and social practices for expressing it.

In general, vampires keep the trappings of their vampirism hidden during the day—it’s rare for one to show up to work in the morning wearing fangs, for example.

In fact, they’re biologically typical in almost all ways, except in how they get part of their nourishment: from human and animal blood (vampires of this type call themselves “sanguinarians”), or by draining psychic energy (“psychic vampires” or “psi-vamps”), or both (hybrids).

For its participants, real vampirism isn’t a fad to be adopted one day and discarded the next (and those who treat it as such dismissed as mere “lifestylers” by the community).

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