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Florida’s community colleges and trade schools provide a fast track to any number of excellent professional opportunities.It’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many choices and so much data.Both of them faced an attacker with a knife and were sexually assaulted and killed.Bissell was believed to have been taken to the isolated Polihale Beach Park on the west end of the island after being attacked elsewhere.Florida provides blue skies, clear weather and an excellent environment for post-secondary education.Its robust state university system and sprawling system of two-year schools provides tremendous choices.Fortunately, we have applied our rigorous methodology to the latest education data to rank the best colleges in Florida, including the top four-year and two-year schools.It pulls information from federal databases and includes acceptance, enrollment, and graduation rate.

Taking the top spot in our ranking of the best colleges in Florida is UF.

One victim was able to survive her attacker’s attempt to take her life.

Maybe this 2000 attacker has left the area or is in prison for something else.

Pakala Beach is located in a remote area of Kauai but popular with surfers. Forward any information related to this crime to Special Investigator John Burgess at 808-241-1734 or Special Investigators Joe Adric or Paul Kanoho at 808-241-1757.

Bissell was killed only a few miles away and the location was also near where the third surviving victims was seriously injured during an attempted sexual assault. The unknown victim was assaulted and injured in a sexual assault attempt in a yard at Kekaha on May 22.

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