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The victim is asked (pressured) to deposit the check quickly, keep 0-0 for their time/effort, and then use the balance to pay for something for the scammer, such as a wheelchair delivery, furniture for an apartment, art work, “dog utilities” etc.

What the victim learns days too late is that her bank contacts her to say that the check is fraudulent. The victim has already wired her own real, hard-earned money to the scammer or scammer’s colleague.

I will need your service for probably more than a month depending on what you are looking for as I plan on employing you permanently and you will be picking my dogs for the walk at my place, after my arrival,you can also pet sit them at my room no problem, I will be paying you 0 a week to care for my pets unless if you want daily or hourly payments.

[UPDATED BELOW: 6/27/17] One of our readers sent us this on Sept.

15: "I have been contacted by at least 4 different scams now in quick succession.

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