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You can then hand your Android tablet or phone to a kid and that kid won’t be able to leave the specific app until you enter a PIN.

This means you could launch a game and pin it, handing it over and knowing a kid won’t go through your email or look up any inappropriate content.

Unfortunately, Android’s restricted profile feature doesn’t provide a way to restrict adult content from being accessed through Google Chrome or other web browsers. You could visit Google Play on your Android device and install a parental-control or web-filtering app.

Or, if the Android device will just be using your Wi-Fi network to access the web, you could configure parental controls on your router.

However, restricted profiles are still only available on tablets.) To create a restricted profile, head to the Settings screen, tap Users, tap Add User, and tap Restricted Profile.

Android Lollipop offers restricted profiles, a feature that arrived in Android 4.3.

Restricted profiles are only available on tablets — not smartphones.

Next, open the app you can to pin, tap the “Overview” button to show the list of open applications as cards, and swipe up.

Tap the pin on the bottom-right corner of an app’s card. You’ll be asked for your PIN or pattern if you configured that option.

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