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(Mad props right there.) Because your pets need some love too, right? Wondering what to get your BFF for Hanukkah this year?

This DIY project lets you create simple tags for your fur baby and it’s pretty simple: write, boil, wear.

They use traditional Guatemalan techniques when creating ponchos, scarves and more. ) This mother/daughter-run company based in LA designs spiritual and religious jewelry and we can’t stop staring at those Hamsa bracelets!

Add their sale event to your calendar because from December 9th through the 12th, they’ll be offering a 40% discount with 25% going to Gems Girls, an organization that helps rehabilitate women and girls who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation. They’re offering 40% off and free shipping from Friday through Monday.

This bike can be found quite easily in a car park near the Johnson house. Unlock 50% - complete level 12 of the paramedic mission.

This week Snooki and Joey examine a list of the weirdest sexual confessions and fantasies, offer up health and beauty tips, and share this week’s obsessions.

Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Cheat Codes: ------------ Update by: Vatsal Chanana Update by: Aakash Walia Update by: akhil Update by: Aviral Update by: Hari Krishnan Prasad Update by: hari Update by: sarvagya verma Update by: sarvagya Update by: Annu Shrivastava Update by: VIRENDER SINGH Update by: karim nagy Submitted by: PY$O Submitted by: Skar Submitted by: Snake Submitted by: Phoeni X Submitted by: Haspa Type these codes during the game (do not pause). Drive the prostitutes to their destinations for big cash.

So you can look cool and charismatic, but also feel like you own the fucking place.

They’re offering 30% off on Black Friday with promo code gobblegobble so get after it. Chatbooks is an online/app service that automatically turns your photos into these cute little 6×6 photo books. It’s kind of like walking into CVS and dropping off your roll of film.

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