Is lilfizz dating

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Nia and Soulja or "Dre" as Nia calls him, are over now. After our last breakup, I ended up in another relationship and I had a baby.

Nia and her ex-boyfriend Soulja, Source: Bustle Nia said, Dre and I were teenagers when we first met and when he hit it really big, he started living that life. However, the identity of the father of Nia's daughter, Kamryn, is still a mystery.

Your times up Your POV~ Okay, you already know I had to be a little cold because I could see his game.

Laurin -meet him at river oaks park Me- ok ~~~~~ Date Cory 💥| So, Yn friends told me to meet her here, I hope she shows up.

Can't believe I let my girls talk me into this but I bet you this, they butts got let back at the club. Laurin: Thank you Me: Yeah yeah End of Convo] I swung back around and waited for the girls to come out and they did. Laurin- Girl, there was this handsome man asking about you. Laurin- Well, I set up a date for you and him Me- Laurin!

Nia hasn't been in a public relationship since her breakup with Soulja Boy.Moniece announced last year that she is in a relationship with a woman. The “Crank That” rapper hasn’t had time to respond to the Fizz and Nia rumors as he is preparing for a boxing match with Chris Brown.While recovering from her breast augmentation surgery about four months ago, Moniece confirmed the status of her relationship with an Instagram post that stated the following. I was pouting because I want what I want when I want it. However, no one will be surprised if Soulja threatens Fizz with the draco.I walked over to the bar and grabbed me a drink and I spotted this girl, she was beautiful. [Phone Rings, Laurin: Girl, why you leave us back at the club? Laurin: Well, can you swing back around and pick your girls up?

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