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Channeling his inner Coma-Doof Warrior, Conan takes the role of the blind, flame-throwing guitar player, blasting his way through the Californian landscape while bouncing from the front of the truck on a couple of bungee ropes!O' Brien isn't the only one to join Immortan Joe's militia — sidekick Richter and Jimmy Vivino and his Basic Cable Band jumped on board for a trip down Fury Road too, adding to the mayhem by banging out a never-ending beat on huge steel drums. "The guitar's so loud I can't hear the GPS," Richter tells O' Brien in an incongruously helpless voice.As she walked by, several audience members glowered and gave her judgmental looks.Four-time-Oscar-winning director Alejandro Iñárritu crossed his arms and glared, while Spotlight director Tom Mc Carthy touched his face with a confused expression.

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Firing the engines back up on his "western on wheels" nearly 40 years later, Miller was now armed with a 0 million-plus budget that enabled him to bring to life any kind of mayhem he could imagine.

Everyone does rust.' "Following the same type of process that the denizens of the "Mad Max" universe would, Gibson and his team salvaged wrecked cars and trucks to create a fleet of tricked-out war machines out of a hot rodder's acid trip.

Ultimately some 150 different vehicles were created, 88 of which had distinct names, like Immortan Joe's Gigahorse, made of two fused-together 1959 Cadillac Devilles, and the Doof Wagon, a truck festooned with loudspeakers on which one of Immortan Joe's "war boys" strikes fear into foes by pounding out heavy-metal riffs on a double-necked guitar that shoots flames.

The comedian decided against flying down to San Diego, opting to take a road trip with buddy Andy Richter instead.

But their vehicle of choice is something to behold: an exact recreation of 's Doof Wagon!

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