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But tell me, what if you were dealing with someone who didn't treat you right, and didn't give you room to talk about your grievances? Few days later I said I wondered what was going on.

You couldn't get away from this person because he's family, or a co-worker or a boss, and you couldn't talk to him either, and you were really frustrated because really he was being pretty nasty. I was told he said he was quiet as he was told not to text too much. ok 16 to 20 a day during work out to none in 2 days. Apologies now for silences after a click in personalities.

Surprise: The bell rings and for the first time no supper is served.

The IRS has learned to expect a tax return on April 15, and, surprise, it doesn't get one from you. should I email them again or will they think I'm more annoying that they might already think I am? It is maddening, but also kind of hilarious and painful, too. It really sheds light on semiotics as much as silence and shows how absence feels like a "thing" even though it isn't a thing exactly.

We say, as though the meaning was in the light itself. How do we know which things are signs and which things aren't? We could lazily posit one to cover anything we don't understand. Because silence is produced by an invisible, undetectable but powerful and moves it. This focus on physical causality has given us all of our science and technology breakthroughs. Green lights aren't signs, things that always mean "go" to everyone.

They're what a semiotician calls a "sign vehicle" a difference or change in something (red to green) that, for us has come to represent traffic.

We live hours away from each other so we only connect through phone and occasional emails. The control facets, the anxiety, the demise of promising relationships, the take away from non-verbal signs. I have talked to doctors of psychology and psychiatry about these. i deeply appreciate your articulation of the concept via "thingness". Sherman, Thank you for your inspiring and thoughtful insight.But again, what if they never got the message in the first place, or they're busy or just thinking it over, or are just feeling bad. What's worse still, no matter how crazy their silence drives you, they're unassailable.If that's the situation, then giving them a piece of your mind will prove that you're an idiot. They can always say That's cute but it's absolutely wrong. The absence of a tax form on April 15 is a sign to the IRS. Or maybe they heard you just fine and have decided that you're an idiot, not even worth responding to.Maybe they got your message but are simply too busy to respond.

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