To deal with intimidating people abuse dating teenage

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This was assertive, even though I was put in an awkward position.

I was the one who almost always did the registration cards.

I also get intimidated by people who order me around.

If it is a supervisor, I pretty much have to follow their orders.

I am much better off giving myself time to think about what the other person said or did, why it bothers me, and then telling them after I have cooled off a bit about what they said or how they behaved.

I almost never talk back right away, because that doesn’t give me time to understand why the particular behavior or action bothered me.

In my blog, I already did steps 1 and 2 about killing my fear. However, feeling intimidated is like being fearful or anxious.

I prefer things to be peaceful, so I often avoid confrontation. The humility comes from realizing you are not in control over the situation. When I have done what I can (either ignoring the situation or confronting the other person), I can then give the results over to God.

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I try to do as much as possible on my own (and unfortunately, I have a hard time figuring out whether I am overestimating or underestimating the amount of time it takes to do the work), and I look for a co-worker for assistance and then let my supervisor know other people are helping me with that task.At that point, I can tell them what bothered me, why it bothered me, and how I prefer to deal with that particular situation.For instance, if a co-worker asks me to do something for her, and I am in the middle of something else, I let him or her know what I am working on, and whether I can assist them out within a specific time period or not.When a person orders me around, I need to ask myself how I feel about what the other person told me.I tend to be task-oriented and disregard my feelings, so my feelings sometimes get repressed and turn into resentment.

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