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Thermal control is performed passively using heat pipes, MLI and OSR, and performed actively using a heater controlled thermostat.

The overall S/C mass is about 1750 kg with a payload mass of 391 kg. The spacecraft is being manufactured by MELCO (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation), Kamakura Works, Japan as the prime contractor of GOSAT.

The images acquired by the CAMs are being used to grasp the satellite status accurately (e.g.

The seven secondary payloads on this flight are: - SDS-1 (Small Demonstration Satellite-1) of JAXA (~100 kg) - SOHLA-1 (Space Oriented Higashiosaka Leading Association-1), Japan (50 kg) - Sprite Sat (Tohoku University), Japan (microsatellite of ~50 kg) - PRISM (Picosatellite for Remote‐sensing and Innovative Space Missions) of ISSL of the University of Tokyo, 5 kg - Kagakaki (SORUNSat-1), Japan, 20 kg - KKS-1 (Kouku Kosen Satellite-1) of Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Engineering), nanosatellite of 3 kg - STARS-1 (Space Tethered autonomous Robotic Satellite-1) of Kagawa University, Japan, ~ 10 kg.The power needed to drive the bus subsystems is generated by one wing, and partial observation of the mission sensors is possible even if one paddle wing fails.• The RCS (Reaction Control Subsystem) is a monopropellant hydrazine blowdown system.RCS consists of 2 tanks of 550 mm diameter, four 20 N thrusters ,eight 1 N thrusters, tubes, pressure sensors, filters and valves. The data from MDHS is modulated at the X-band modulator, and converted to RF signal. It receives the command from the ground station, demodulates and distributes to each subsystem.If a thruster of the four 1 N thrusters fails, AOCE (Attitude and Orbit Control Electronics) switches the control thrusters to the other four 1 N thrusters automatically. The data from mission sensors is multiplexed by MDHS, recorded in a memory, and send to DT subsystem. And it is amplified at the XSSPA and transmitted to the ground station. It gathers telemetry data from each subsystem, edits, records and transmits to the ground station.

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